Tuesday, July 12, 2011



One  of the most difficult actions to accomplish yet the most beneficial for our health; body, soul and spirit, is the act of forgiving.  There is a wonder and power here that too few individuals experience to its fullest extent.  The tendency among us is to harbor offenses, mull them over, stew about them...but we are stewing a pot of bitterness that we ourselves drink daily and it poisons our entire life. Offenses, heartbreak, disappointments come into every one's lives...it is part of the journey of life. We cannot keep it from coming, but we can control our response and therefore the outcome of these disappointments.  Our attitude is not just important.. it is EVERYTHING when it comes to the issues of life. Being one who desires to live in optimal health and enjoy this life God has given us, I have learned to harbor no unforgiveness or bitterness in my heart!!


When we harbor ill will, bitterness, anger or hatred toward another soul, we often do not realize that it is our own selves that are experiencing the result of our attitudes.  Often the object of our anger is oblivious to the fact or totally disinterested in our feelings. I like the way Joan Hunter phrased it: "unforgiveness is a poison pill we take hoping the other person will get sick". Unfortunately, that is not the case! Rather "he who angers you...conquers you" says Elizbeth Kenny.  They are actually controlling your future with an action perpetrated, often in the distant past. We may be seeking revenge, but they may have totally forgotten that you even exist!

Unforgiveness damages our life in three main ways. First of all, unforgiveness has a detrimental effect on your physical health. Many studies done recently by those in the medical community confirm the effect these negative emotions related to unforgiveness have on the health of our bodies: Some suggest it alters the pattern of chemicals and electricity in your body. Others that it disrupts the harmony of the brain wave - affects thinking and decision making processes. Still others suggest it stresses your skeletal muscular system producing muscle tension, headaches, stomach aches, neck and back aches, tiredness or dizziness. Anger triggers the bodies fight or flight system bringing stress to your entire body.  Some have suggested a tendency to restrict blood for to the heart, digestive problems, cellular stress...the list goes on and on!!  In fact prolonged anger and unforgiveness is estimated to hasten your chance of death before fifty by 500%!! In Philadelphia they are seeing great improvement in cancer patients that have been encouraged to practice the virtue of forgiveness! 

"Vengeance is having a videotape planted in your soul that cannot be turned off. It plays the painful scene over and over again inside your mind...And each time it plays you feel the clap of pain again." Lewis Smedes 

And each time it plays the same toxic poison is released into your body, soul and spirit. Unforgiveness may not be the sole cause of these illnesses, but it opens the door by suppressing the immune system functions that keep you in optimal health.

Secondly, unforgiveness can have detrimental effects on our current relationships!! Often those who have not learned to forgive offenses have a difficult time in trusting and entering into meaningful relationships because of the previous disappointments.  One of the reasons second marriages fail at a higher rate than first marriages is because of this distrust factor. Commitment to another is difficult. The tendency is to see the faults rather than the virtues of others. Often those who harbor unforgiveness also share their feeling with friends or family, to find support for their attitudes. This colors their attitudes as well and spreads the poison pill around.  Families begin to feud, churches and organizations are split, business partnerships fail, marriages fail all because we cannot forgive! Many times something that was a misunderstanding or unintended act at first, becomes a larger and larger problem if unresolved. Rather than forgive we allow pain and resentment to grow. Some may be satisfied to go on resenting those who have wronged them, stewing in their inner poisons, spreading it to others around, but I choose to forgive for my own future.  Forgiveness is a selfish action that you take to save yourself!! "There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness"  states Josh Billings

Thirdly, unforgiveness hinders our relationship with our creator and our ability to receive forgiveness ourselves!! "He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven" according to Thomas Fuller. The most famous prayer in the world we call The Lord's Prayer contains these words "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" . Notice the linkage between our giving and then receiving forgiveness.  We do not have the capacity to receive forgiveness if we are unwilling to forgive others. Also, when instructions are given to pray in scripture, there is often this caveat, when you stand praying....forgive!! "and when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins." Mark 11:25  We were created to live in harmony with one another and where the harmony is broken it is difficult to make contact with our creator. The offending party should not even bring a gift of worship to God if he remembers that another has something against him!! He is instructed to "leave his gift at the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift"

If you have read my previous posts about "Three Essentials to Live In Health" you understand why learning to forgive is of utmost importance!! I talk of a three legged stool that supports optimal health, and when you harbor unforgiveness...you are trying to sit on this stool with 2 broken legs...only one remains! There is no support and you cannot balance on one leg for long without crashing and falling into "dis ease"!!Some individuals do not want to forgive because they see it as letting the person off the hook when they actually want revenge, want they to pay for it, to make it up to them. All the years spent and energy wasted in this pursuit generally results in absolutely no change!! You cannot change the past, you cannot change another person, but you certainly can change yourself and you can change your future!!!


We can forgive first of all because we have several amazing examples in the Judeo-Christian faith! In the book of Genesis the story of Joseph takes up a large portion of the book, and the example is unmistakable!! After being nearly killed by his brothers, sold as a slave, he maintained a heart of forgiveness. When his master's wife lied and accused him of rape, had him put in prison, he kept a forgiving attitude, and even later when his brothers we at his mercy and feared for their lives, he loved and forgave!  One of the most powerful statements I have ever read is found in Genesis 50:20 when Joseph's brothers feared his wrath and Joseph answered "you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good"!! Even the hurts caused by others can become avenues of blessing in our lives if we keep a forgiving attitude of faith.  Of course the greatest example of all is found in Luke 23:34 when Christ is dying on the cross.  His statement is "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing". Yet as a result of his unjust death, millions of lives have been transformed through the power of His love and forgiveness. He set the pattern for forgiveness and each time we push our way through to the miraculous benefits of forgiveness, we are imitating our creator. We were created in His image...and we can heal the wrongs done to us by being the first to forgive.

We can forgive because it is the only way to break the vicious cycle of pain, blame and shame in any relationship.  Forgiving does not settle the issue of whose at fault...who wronged who...the punishment deserved.  Always remember, "judge not, that you be not judged" and let God decide, because he is the only one that knows every ones hearts and attitudes.  The law of reciprocity does work and what we sow...we will surely reap! So make certain the seeds you sow are ones of love, understanding and forgiveness.  You can only find inner peace when you release the hurt and pain and exchange it for love and forgiveness.  As you change yourself....for you alone...for the peace of mind, understanding, physical, emotional and spiritual healing...you will find joy, laughter and a better future awaits!! We can start new relationships and many times heal old wounds that have separated us from those we love.


The word "forgive" means to wipe the slate clean, to pardon, to cancel a debt. It is time that we cancelled the debt and walked away from the hurts and pain and blame and allowed the healing power of forgiveness to operate in our lives! You will find healing for your body, healing for your emotions, healing for relationships and a new fellowship and faith when you worship and pray!! Why? Because we are doing what our creator has taught us "forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us?.


Saturday, July 2, 2011


There is an insidious threat to our bodies, present in this world that is unique! No generation before us has faced this challenge to our health. The presence of this threat has brought many great benefits into our lives and at the same time great dangers!! This power and presence has been sought, developed, created and harnessed in many ways for the betterment of mankind! Unfortunately, the dangers are  many and when disregarded or unknown can be devastating in their effect! My goal in this article is to alert you to a threat that I describe as insidious which by definition is: "Acting or proceeding unobserved or in a seemingly harmless manner, but slowly or eventually doing great damage!"

We live in an electric world!

Going back to 600 BC we find the first record of electricity when Thales of Miletus wrote about charging amber while rubbing it, what we now call static electricity.  In the 1600's the Greek word for "amber" was translated  into English as "electricity" and the attraction and repulsion properties were discovered. Also, Otto Von Guericke invented a machine that produced static electricity in 1660.  Over the next century it was discovered how to produce, harness and conduct electricity. Eventually, Ben Franklin's theory on electricity and later Thomas Edison's light bulb, along with many other inventions have made our would and exciting and illuminated place!! So much of our daily lives is impacted by it's presence: computers, PDA's, cell phones, WiFi, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, the machines of industry and offices...even the energy that lights and heats our homes!

While the benefits of electricity in our environment are unquestionable and so necessary now to our daily pursuits, few realize how much our environment itself has been charged with the effects of these electrical currents and the possible dangers they present. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of varying strength and frequency permeate our environment! They are produced by the creation, transmission and use of electricity by any device! Electrical energy travels from the production plants, along power lines, through transformers and into our homes and offices! Electric and magnetic fields surround every aspect of this energy transmission. Electric fields and magnetic fields may occur together, but they are distinct invisible lines of force surrounding anything that uses or conducts electricity. While electric fields are not able to pass through objects and can be shielded by anything able to be a conductor, magnetic fields are able to pass through objects and may have far greater effects on our bodies.

A body of evidence is growing about the health hazards of EMF radiation.  According to Dr. Andrew Weil, Author of Spontaneous Healing and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health "EMF may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible". Also, Professor Leif G Salford, Chairman, Dept of Neurosurgery, Lund University, Sweden, "Voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from handheld mobile phones....(is) the largest human biological experiment ever"!! It is estimated that we live in a world with 100 to 200 million times the radiation than what our grandparents lived in.  The EMFs radiate from cell phones, WiFi, DVDs, iPods, iPads, home appliances, hair dryers, etc. "Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation in humans may result in such conditions as headaches, confusion, sleeping problems, depression and mood swings." according to Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University, Wayne State University, 2008.  Laboratory studies documented in The Invisible Threat by Dr Howard W Fisher, suggest that "EMFs may change the following: function of cells and tissues, cellular membrane function, secretion of the hormone melatonin, depression of immune system, accelerated tumor growth, biorhythms, human brain activity, heart rate, heart rhythm and blood pressure!

Even the EPA in a draft report issued March 1990, recommended that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen - a "probable" human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs. Later, after major lobbying by the utility, military and computer lobbyists, the revision did NOT classify EMFs as a Class B carcinogen with this explanation: "At this time such a characterization regarding the link between cancer and exposure to EMFs is not appropriate because the basic nature of the interaction between EMFs and biological processes leading to cancer is not understood."  However, they followed up by saying "In conclusion, several studies showing leukemia, lymphoma and cancer of the nervous system in children exposed to EMFs, supported by similar findings in adults in several occupational studies also involving electrical power frequency exposures, show a consistent pattern of response that suggest a causal link." To quote Paul Brodeur, author of The Great Power-line Cover-Up "What industry spokespeople conveniently overlooked, of course, was that thirty years after definitive epidemiology had been conducted to show that asbestos was a potent cancer-producing agent, scientists still do not know the mechanism by which and inhaled asbestos fiber reacts in lung tissue to cause cancer. Nor do they understand the mechanism by which cigarette smoke reacts in lung tissue to cause lung cancer or how DDT operates in breast tissue to cause breast cancer. Suffice it to say, if public health authorities had been required to wait for the cancer-producing mechanisms of these agents to be fully understood, regulations governing asbestos exposure would not have been implemented; warnings on cigarette smoking would not have been issued; and the twenty-year ban on DDT would not have been imposed."

Electricity and the human body

Long before mankind "discovered" electricity, then learned to generate, harness and use it so effectively/ our bodies, uniquely and wonderfully made, were generating low level electric impulses to communicate between cells and to send messages through our nervous system.  Luigi Galvani, an Italian physician and physicist in 1791, discovered that the muscles of dead frogs twitched when struck by a spark.  This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity, a field that still today studies the electrical patterns and signals of the nervous system.  According to Wikipedia; "Bioelectromagnetism (sometimes equated with bioelectricity) refers to the electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields produced by living cell, tissue or organisms. Examples include the cell membrane potential and the electric currents that flow in the nerves and muscles as a result of action potentials."   We are electrical beings.  Our bodily functions cease when the electric current stops.  When a person's heart stops and they attempt to revive them, paddles are used sending a jolt of electrical current to jump start the heart muscle again! Recently a family member with an irregular heartbeat had his heart "shocked" with electrical current to try to normalize the heart rhythm.

Some of the most damaging EMFs to the bodies systems seem to be the ones emitted from cell phones, WiFi hot spots, cell towers, etc. that are covering our landscape more and more.These particular kind of information carrying radio waves  (ICRW's) are highly disruptive to our bodies.  Sherrill Sellman, ND,is a naturopathic doctor, psychotherapist, international lecturer, radio host, writer and author of the best-selling book Hormone Heresy: What Women Must Know About Their Hormones wrote this in Nexus Magazine Aug/Sept 2007 "Although the wireless technology industry and some governmental agencies continue to assure the public of the safety of cell phones (which is very reminiscent of the tobacco industry), the truth is that recent scientific evidence has revealed an emerging pattern of severe health problems caused from exposure to near-field radiation. Cell phones are anything but safe and harmless. Some of the specific biological problems include disruption to the blood-brain barrier, genetic damage, breakdown in cell-to-cell communication and increase in the risk of cancers."

Because our bodies communicate through low level electric impulses, the human body, it stands to reason is affected by electricity.  It seems only natural and reasonable to assume that in a world with 100 to 200 millions times more radiation in our environment than our grand-parents lived in, that our bodies would experience some definite effects!! A variety of articles with detailed information from leaders in the field have been posted on another website liveinhealth.inspiredwellness.411.com for your further review and education. At your convenience you may view published articles,  audios and videos free for your information.

Health Issues linked to EMR exposure

There are many different diseases that seem to be linked to constant EMF exposure.  One of grave concern is outlined by Sherrill Sellman, ND in her article entitled Electropollution, Hormones and Cancer . She shares much about how the suppression of the endocrine glands by EMFs can result in cancer and many other health problems. The melatonin suppression that is evident from numerous studies gives a clear indication of problems ahead. Sellman also describes how the stress hormones and the adrenal gland function is compromised leading to abnormally increased levels of adrenalin and cortisol. Women especially, should consider the evidence presented relating to EMFs and breast cancer.

In his book entitled The Invisible Threat, Dr. Fisher documents the studies and data regarding EMFs effect on Childhood Cancer, Heart Disease, Immune Function, Cortisol and Hormone Secretion, and states "The evidence is absolutely overwhelming that the EMFs affect serum melatonin and pineal gland function"!

What is the correct response to these concerns?

First, we need to encourage continuing research on the subject, especially beginning with children who use the technology so much in their generation.  The studies should run over at least a 10 year period.  We need to see the long term effects of EMFs on human health.  Many countries are conducting studies, and health agencies in six countries (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Israel) have recommended reducing children's exposure to cell phone radiation! Here in the US we need to stop being so trusting of the cell phone industry and do the proper long term research!! We must become more serious and aware of the issues involved!!

Secondly, recognition of the concerns regarding EMFs needs to be publicized much more to the general public.  One of the main reasons for this article on my blog is to generate awareness!! Please share the article and links with others on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Follow the links and educate yourself more fully regarding these concerns.

Thirdly, each individual must be responsible for taking precautionary actions. We know that it is not wise to stand next to a microwave when it is operating, and those who administer x-rays in a doctor or dentists office know to protect themselves by stepping out of the room when the machine is on! You will notice how the assistant who takes the x-ray in a dentists office will also cover the areas of your body near the machine to protect it from the rays effects! We all know that x-rays have a cumulative affect on the body and they should be limited as much as possible.  In the same way, we need to limit the use of cell phones, especially by the very young or at least find some products that can assist in protecting us from the stressors of EMF radiation!

I have followed the problem for many years and have found products that personally work for our household.  For several years now I have used the products I recommend to assist your bodies in dealing with the stress of EMFs. I and my family members have experienced many benefits from these products.  They harmonize your body and help protect it from these stressors.  One is designed to be attached to your Cell Phone, and others used on computers and appliances within the home that emit EMRs.  There are products that harmonize the environment of an entire room or vehicle you drive.  I religiously wear a pendant every day that harmonizes the environment around my body at all times whether at home or traveling! A room harmonizer is plugged in to every hotel room when I arrive! Knowing what I now do, the potential danger is too great for me to ignore for myself and I would be remiss in not sharing the products with you also!  In every area of life, I have found the best response is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!! Protect and prevent, rather than repair and repent!! Remember, an earlier post on this blog MAINTENANCE OR MAJOR REPAIR is my motto!!

NOTE:  As I have said many times in this blog. What we share is our own personal journey of optimal health and is not to be considered medical advice or to replace the counsel or advice of your physician.




Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maintenance or Major Repair

When it comes to maintaining your physical body, most individuals take less thought than we do in maintaining our autos or homes. Yet, no vehicle or possession in life is even close to the importance of a healthy body. We can buy a new car, truck or home; but we only receive one body to transport us through this life.

Often we have checklists for vehicle maintenance and reminders to change the oil, replace the oil, air and fuel filters, rotate the tires, lubricate the chassis, etc. We clean, wax, polish and baby this important means of transportation. Many wise individuals have checklists for home maintenance. They remind us to change heat and a/c filters, clean gutters, seal windows, spring cleaning and fall winterizing. I also have a checklist for my RV to check each time we prepare it for a trip and then again to prepare it for months of storage.


Many take little thought for regular maintenance of our bodies. We drive them, push them, punish them, taking little thought of the magnificent vehicle we have been given to transport us through this life. Many abuse their bodies with drugs, alcohol, huge amounts of refined sugars, processed and packaged foods. It's like putting mud and dirt in your gas tanks!!

Many overload our bodies with excess weight, huge amounts of fat that our bodies were never designed to carry! There are weigh stations for trucks on our roadways because over-loading our vehicles causes tires to blow, an inability to brake in a reasonable distance causing accidents, etc. As vehicles have weight restrictions to function successfully, so our bodies have weight restrictions to function successfully. The number one preventable cause of death in America to day is obesity! It contributes to heart disease, cancer and diabetes; the top three killers of americans today.

Have you considered lately how you are maintaining your physical health? A regular check up with a physician can tell you if you have any disease present, much like diagnostics on a vehicle will tell you if the systems are functioning correctly. Many never even consider their health until a major breakdown occurs!! Would you drive your vehicle all year and never change the oil, replace air, oil and fuel filters, etc.? You will first have a sluggish or poor performing vehicle, then total breakdown. The large repair bill, if it is even possible to repair, will be far greater than the time and investment would have been had you practiced proper maintenance! MAJOR REPAIRS!!

There are so many intricate systems in the human body that must function correctly for us to maintain optimal health, but there are a few simple, regular maintenance steps that can be followed and are invaluable to optimal health!

It is interesting to note that sometimes we become so focused on the outward appearance that we neglect the inner support system that is so necessary, much like washing, waxing and polishing while never changing the oil!! Many of us workout to develop our muscles, sculpt and tone our bodies. Many go further and focus on clean, healthy eating and fueling our bodies correctly. Beyond that some focus on removing the excess load of fat and maintaining a proper weight. All of this is so important for optimal health! We also cleanse, nourish and hydrate our skin and keep the exterior layer looking very appealing


The critical area of maintenance for our autos is the fuel and filtering system. By changing oil and keeping the air, fuel and oil clean with new filters, we protect the engine and moving parts that power and drive our vehicles. In our bodies, the fuel and filtering systems are critical to a smoothly functioning machine. The fuel and filter system in the body that supports everything else is the digestive system from mouth to colon and the liver and kidneys.

According to Dr. Bruce West "most disease is linked to a toxic liver or poorly functioning digestive tract". The liver does hundreds of functions in our body to remove toxins and keep our systems operating at optimal levels. Dr. West in Health Alerts, says "the liver is designed to detoxify and cleanse itself, but i can be overwhelmed and kept from performing its own self-detoxifying procedures. Additionally, your liver needs certain foods to perform this minor miracle. These foods are not the ones most people eat".

Periodic fasting, practiced since ancient times, and eating cleansing foods like; onions, garlic, beets, red peppers, asparagus and cruciferous veggies like cabbage, broccoli, brussel spouts and kale help support the livers function and detoxifying work. Eat as much raw or lightly cooked veggies. Waterless at very low heat is best for cooking veggies and maintaining the nutrition. Living foods, not cooked, processed and packaged foods that destroy nutrition. Enjoy couple of servings of fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) per week and minimal animal protein, avoiding as much as possible foods and meats that are not organic. According to The China Study, by T Colin Campbell, the most comprehensive study ever conducted on nutrition, a diet emphasizing this type of diet is best for long term optimal health and gives the best chance of protection from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

We personally follow Dr. Bruce West's protocol outlined in his Health Alerts periodical on the subject of "Indigestion - The Secret Link to Disease". We have found it to be very cleansing and healing. Regular fasting is also an important cleansing practice for long term maintenance of your bodies fuel and filtering system. There are many types and durations of fasts. We will share more with you in upcoming blog posts! Take time today to schedule your next oil, filter and lube job for your body. As I have said many times in this blog. What we share is our own personal journey of optimal health and is not to be considered medical advice or to replace the counsel or advice of your physician.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Sorry - There is no Cure!! - Brenda Froese

I will never forget the words I heard that day, "There is no cure for what you have. You just have to learn to live with it". I walked out of the clinic feeling helpless, hopeless and angry!! Not long after something rose up within me and I said to myself, "I will not accept that!" With the help of the Lord and His grace I will overcome this!

My first plan of action was to educate myself about the condition I had, that they described as Chronic Fatigue! I searched out every book or study done on the subject that I could find. As I looked into the condition and the various treatments that had been tried what I amazingly found was that those who seemed to be overcoming the condition were all using classical, natural, holistic methods and not by the current conventional methods!

There are many symptoms to what they labeled as Chronic Fatigue, one I experienced being a feeling of cloudiness in my mind - like my head was full of cotton. I had heard about Royal Jelly which is what bees feed the queen bee. She lives much longer than worker bees. As I tried Royal Jelly, I found that my head cleared up, I could think more clearly! I was excited to go back to the doctor and share this information! She looked back over at me with this blank stare and said "I've never heard of it". I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach and at that moment I knew I was on my own. There would no encouragement from her on anything natural or holistic that I had discovered.

I am thankful though, because at one point earlier I had been so discouraged and desperate to feel better, I had requested a drug I had heard might make me feel better. Back then I did not realize the dangerous side effects they could have. I am certain because of the doctors reaction that she was very well aware of the effects. With a stern look on her face she said, "I would not think of giving that drug to you!". I know today,over 20 yrs later, the dangerous side effects of so many drugs used in conventional treatments. I have always been very thankful through the years for this doctor who turned down my request for the medication. I do not know where I would be today had I taken prescriptions for all my different symptoms. I do know, from watching others who resorted to taking a bag of drugs, the result would not have been a good place for me. How many times do you look back over your life and thank God for things that didn't work out, when initially you thought they would have be great!

Realizing I was truly on my own in my efforts to overcome Chronic Fatigue, I began to study Classical natural medicine with a vengeance! I spent hundreds of hours pouring over many books, herbal remedies and holistic healing modalities. Instead of being bored out of my mind, I found a passion and such an intense hunger for knowledge on the subject. I maintain that love of study in these classical healing arts today! Next to my love of God and my family, this is my greatest passion!

I have found that there are truly many different paths to healing. There is such a variety of healing modalities available, like a huge smorgasbord of healthy transforming options! I certainly could not take everything that I read about initially. I took it gradually, working out my own healing plan that worked for my condition and my body. I tried many different things that were natural over the years in my quest to recover my health, some worked, others didn't seem to make a difference. What I liked about the natural remedies is that even if they didn't work for me, there were no debilitating side effects!!

Over the years, regardless of whatever health challenge I have faced, I have researched everything I possibly could find on the subject! Knowledge is Power!! It amazes me how many people have serious health issues and when I ask them what they have read on the subject they reply, "absolutely nothing"!! Lack of knowledge makes you weak and vulnerable. Decisions made out of ignorance and fear can have long lasting effects on your life!! Regarding my health, no one takes it more seriously than me. I believe it is necessary to be proactive about our health and not wait for someone to spoon feed me. I take responsibility because it is I and no one else who will have to live with the outcome!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Three Essentials To "LiveInHealth"!

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are 3 main essentials to LiveInHealth, each as important as the other. They are like a three-legged stool that supports optimal health, and if one is missing or in short supply, the over-all health of the individual is compromised. These three essentials are:

1. Our bodies come from the earth...and eventually return to the earth "ashes to ashes..dust to dust" and they have a unique need for nutrients that grow from or are present in the earth, air, water and sunlight. The closer to the earth in natural form that we find them...the more beneficial they will be to the human body!

2. We have a unique relationship to the Creator of the Universe in that God breathed into man the breath of life - part of himself!! He actually created us in His image and likeness, and though each of us are unique and special, we all have the ability to use creative words and thoughts, to promote healing, and to bless our lives and the lives of those around us! Our words, thoughts and actions determine our future...we have a unique ability to shape our own future, to call our future into existence much as God through His words created the universe!

3. God said "It is not good for man to be alone", and so he made another person to walk along side through this life. This speaks to the third essential to LiveInHealth! No one is an island unto himself..we all have and need relations with others!! Unhealthy, negative relationships can make you ill, but healthy positive relationships promote optimal health. There are many ways this healing occurs; we each have the ability to release healing energy through touch, prayer, words of blessing and encouragement! There is great power in the emotions and energy released through love or hate in all their varieties of manifestation. It is perhaps why all the commandments for a blessed life are included in 2 positive statements "Love God with all your heart..and Love your neighbor as yourself"! What healing powerful sentiments!

I had envisioned progressing more rapidly with this blog when I first started, but my schedule has been very demanding..we will push through and use every available minute to share more with you! Please be patient..I value your comments!

In the next blog we will share a little about what Brenda was going through 25 yrs ago and how that when there seemed to be no help or cure for her condition, it was actually a blessing in disguise! Because there was no help at that time with traditional western medicine we became seekers, which is always the beginning on the road to recovering your health. "Seek and you will find" Jesus of Nazareth.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Greatest Creative Masterpiece

I have been privileged to travel to many countries and visit sites of historical significance displaying the architectural brilliance of men, visit many museums and galleries in Rome, Florence, London, New York and behold some of the creative works of masters in painting & sculpting! Also I have listened to the works of gifted composers...played by fine musicians...whether classical, country or pop. The variety and creativity amazes me! Where does all this creativity and uniqueness come from?

While in Hawaii, I had the distinct privilege of visiting an exhibit highlighting what I consider the greatest creative masterpiece of all. It was simply called "Bodies, The Exhibit" As I spent hours viewing the various systems of the human body, and listened to the taped commentary I was again reminded "we are fearfully and wonderfully made"! Let us now begin a study of what I consider to be the greatest creative masterpiece of all..the human body!!

I am of the persuasion that the bodies we live in while traversing this planet are not the result of a multitude of accidental and progressively improving mutations (evolution), but that our entire universe is the product of intelligent design! I subscribe to the Genesis account that simply states "In the beginning God". The account goes on to state that the Sun, Moon, Stars and indeed all the universe was created and that the method of creation was by the spoken word...God said..and it was so! According the Genesis account all of the universe was brought into existence simply by God speaking words.

After creating the world and filling it with plants, animals, fish and fowl, God went on to complete the work of creation...man! However, unlike any other thing that He created..God did not use the spoken word, this time according to the Genesis account God stooped down and with his own hands, like a sculptor with a lump of clay... took some of the dust of the earth and formed a man. Not just a lump of clay..but a being with heart and circulatory system, lungs and respiratory system, a muscular system that can be individually molded!Man was also given a brain and nervous system faster than the worlds finest computer that can interact with its environment and respond to thousands of outside stimuli in a split second! Our body is a finely tuned machine that is "fearfully and wonderfully made"!

This being was made of dust..dirt..and as a result, has a unique relationship to the earth. It is interesting that in dirt..you will find minerals, seeds of trees and the support system to keep this man alive! I believe that in this setting, man can find the elements needed for optimal health, naturally occurring in or growing from the earth. He can also find in the air and water elements to nourish and strengthen his body. He also has a direct connection with the sun that brings life to the earth and must receive an ample portion of sunshine daily for optimal health! Much of the study in alternative healing modalities has to do with man's relationship to the earth...and the need for naturally occurring (not laboratory produced) minerals, plants, herbs, energy sources, etc.

However there are other needs to completely.. Live In Health. There are three main Live In Health essentials for man to experience wholeness and much like a three legged stool... if one is missing or in short supply, your overall health is compromised! With this particular creative work ...the Genesis account states that God not only formed man individually, but He went much much further....He breathed some of His own creative life and spirit into man's nostrils!! Amazing..this creature... has a little of God on the inside of him...some of His creativity..ability to love...ability to oversee...ability to speak powerful words that can be very creative or damaging! He also entrusted to man the care for the earth and all created things.

The second leg on the stool that supports the ability to..Live in Health.. is the need for interaction or fellowship with the creator. Man has a unique need and ability to interact with the divine! You will find some form of religious worship of the creator wherever you travel...in each culture on this planet. This created being...is infused with a spark of divine life...he is more than just an animal like other creatures...he is a living soul!

The third leg of our stool is also revealed in the Genesis account. Man has his unique relationship with the created universe, especially this earth...he has a relationship with the creator..has communication with the divine...the creator places him as administrator of the planet and overseer, even naming each plant, animal, fish and fowl. But God finds a deficiency in man..ladies will appreciate this...he needs a little tweeking!! Adam, his man, is alone! Then follows the description of the first surgery ever performed on man..by God himself..under anesthesia (deep sleep)! God takes from Adam's side one of his ribs and forms another version...much improved! When Adam awakes from surgery and becomes aware of something new in his environment...this man who could come up with unique and wonderful names for all other creatures...he is so taken aback, all he has to say is Whooaa Maaaan, from which we get woman.

As a result, man now has others who have within them the same divine spark, and unique ability to interact with each other, with the creator and with the created world. The interaction with other human beings provides another key element to...Live in Health. Proper relationships are essential... and words and actions of love, friendship, kindness, mercy, forgiveness...can bring or add healing potential to our human bodies. Negative emotions and actions such as anger, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness...can actually make you ill....

So, to wrap it up for this post...let me explain the three main over-arching Live In Health principles that we have discovered over the years:

1. Man is made from the dust of the ground and in the earth or growing from the earth (herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc) he can find tremendous healing properties to promote well-being.

2. Man has a bit of the divine breathed into him and possesses unique abilities far beyond other created being! He is a living soul (mind, will, emotions) and is able to imitate the divine..by speaking life rather than death, make cognitive choices that have repurcussions! He has a creative ability...a little spark of the divine in his soul..and need fellowship with the divine in a very unique way!

3. It is not good for man to be alone! We were created to live in harmony with others! When healthy relationships are maintained...it has a very positive effect on our well being. When healthy relationships are absent..it can be detrimental to your overall health

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Day of 7th Decade!!

When my eyes opened to the world this morning it dawned on me that I was entering my 7th decade on this planet! Wow! It's amazing....I feel wonderful, no aches, no pains, and at 6:00 a.m. filled with energy, excitement..enthusiasm!! I feel such a zest for life and it seems to be even more intense today! So now, I embark not only on a new decade of life, but a new project that inspires and motivates me to be all I can be.

There is a great deal of difference between biological and chronological age! Though I may be 60 yrs of age chronologically I feel in my body (biological age) as though I am still in my early 40's. I rest well, rise early, spend very long hours working (sometimes very strenuously) and workout in my personal gym every day! My wife, who 25 yrs ago was so ill that many days it was a major chore just to get up in the morning, now works along side me. She is vibrant, healthy, gorgeous (looks much younger than her age!!) and yet doctors had told her 25 yrs earlier there was nothing they could do for her. She needed to resign herself to living with the condition! Well that is where our life took a huge turn...do we just accept this defeat and struggle through life or do we take this as a challenge to overcome!

We chose the latter..and through the years by study, trial and error, the assistance of many mentors and most of all the guiding help of God; we came to understand so much more about how our bodies work and how we can work with them to promote healing. We found simple, natural, god-given remedies in the earth that support and strengthen our immune systems. They bring restorative healing to take us to the place we are now, living in vibrant health and with enthusiasm for life. Having a strong desire to share our joy in healthy living with others, we have embarked on this journey to chronicle as completely as possible what we have learned through these years and continue to learn each new day!

In this blog and the book to follow we cover much ground and would appreciate any comments or input from those of you who begin to follow the blog. None of us know everything, but the synergism that comes from shared knowledge can lead us all to a more vibrant, healthy lifestyle. We will cover first of all the magnificent body that each of us possesses, each one unique and beautiful, with it's own signatures of fingerprint, voice inflection, DNA...so that we can be distinguished as unique from every other human being on the planet and yet so much alike! We all have hearts, lungs, nervous systems, muscles, bones, eyes, ears...you get the picture..that function the same way and with the same purpose in our bodies. We all have a natural immune system that is designed to fight off disease. We all have a nervous system that can feel and sense what is happening throughout our bodies and triggers movement and reaction to stimuli. We will cover each of the body systems..their purpose and function..and then what supports or hinders their function.

Other topics to follow will be the importance of nutrition - and how best to provide proper nutrition or supplements to strengthen our immune systems. What foods should be eaten and when? How should they be prepared and why? What foods provide the specific nutrition each of our bodies need to provide optimal health? One of the many books we have studied over the years "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M Campbell II, has on the back cover a quote that is so appropriate when referring to the problems we have with major diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes: "These issues all come down to three things:breakfast lunch and dinner."!

We will discuss fitness and exercise and how best to achieve your fitness goals..for some fitness is the long lean look of a swimmer or runner.. for others it is the totally buff muscular look of the fitness models..for others it is the strength and stamina to perform well in their vocation or athletic endeavors (tennis, walking, golf,etc.)! We will discuss various ways through a variety of exercise programs, proper rest and nutrition that an individual can develop the type of body you personally desire for optimal performance and health!

Finally, we will discuss the diseases that rob so many of a quality, healthy lifestyle and have caused all of us sorrow by loosing loved ones far before it was necessary! We will discuss studies that have been done outlining some of the causes of these diseases. We will discuss a multitude of natural treatment options that are available ...and they are available...to support the immune system and enable our bodies to naturally fight off the invasion of disease. Yes, our bodies are "fearfully and wonderfully made" according to the scriptures and you have a standing army inside of you that if equipped correctly can destroy the invasion of diseases so common among us. I believe many lives "perish for lack of knowledge"! Knowledge is power..power to choose health over sickness...power even to choose life over death!! We chose years ago to take this journey into knowledge and health and invite you to follow along and share with us your insights! As I said yesterday, what we share is not to be considered medical advice or to take the place of your personal physician, or a claim that we can cure any disease, but is simply a sharing of what we have personally chosen to do in our journey toward a healthy lifestyle and to bring support to our immune system! We desire that you Live in Health!! Much of what we share is common knowledge to those who are seekers after truth.